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GoldenSource Offers Native App to Accelerate Data Onboarding and Analytics in Snowflake Platform

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GoldenSource is finalising a Snowflake Native App that will be available alongside the company’s data warehouse schema in the Snowflake Data Share. By moving the GoldenSource schema into the Snowflake cloud data platform, dispersed datasets can be mapped together, delivered in an easy-to-understand format, and sliced and diced by market participants within Snowflake. This should allow firms to accelerate use of analytical tools to gain deeper insights from data and drive better decision making.

The GoldenSource Snowflake Native App will populate the data schema with content that already resides in the Snowflake Data Share or in S3 public cloud storage containers. It will also provide an intuitive user experience and four simple steps in Snowflake – connect data, storage, enable events, grant access.

Jeremy Katzeff, head of buy-side solutions at GoldenSource, says: “Historically, there have been barriers to gaining meaningful insights and value from cloud data content because of disparate datasets that are unstructured in nature. With this collaboration, we aim improve the way datasets are integrated and analysed within a modern cloud-native environment, allowing organisations to extract more valuable insights from data content, with a greatly improved user experience.”

Snowflake Native Apps are developed within the Snowflake Native Application Framework, meaning all steps and process in the app remain native and internal to Snowflake. Apps are published on the Snowflake Marketplace for customers to access and employ on their data workloads. The use case of the first GoldenSource Snowflake Native App is to take in and enable Factset symbology and private markets data sets that reside in the Snowflake Marketplace.

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