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FINBOURNE Technology Expands Integration with Taskize to Enhance Post-Trade Operational Workflows

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FINBOURNE Technology, the investment data management solutions provider, has expanded its integration with Taskize, the post-trade operational workflow specialists, to improve the management of complex IBOR (Investment Book of Record) and ABOR (Accounting Book of Record) post-trade exceptions.

For FINBOURNE clients, the integration with Taskize aims to reduce resolution times, lower human error, and boost operational efficiency and staff capacity. Additionally, Taskize’s detailed management reporting promises better decision-making and operational resource allocation.

We’ve known about Taskize for a while and have had an integration with them for several years,” says Gus Sekhon, Head of Product, FINBOURNE Technology. “However, this enhancement goes much deeper, providing an automated intercompany exception management service that is ready to go. The interesting part is how it works: FINBOURNE’s own workflow invokes a Taskize Bubble (the Taskize term for a protected intercompany workflow) which connects and coordinates across the client’s counterparties through that Bubble, notifying changes back to FINBOURNE. This creates a seamless intercompany break resolution service that can be invoked during any client process, allowing breaks to be worked through and resolved efficiently.”

Building on the initial integration of Taskize into FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform in 2021, the expanded partnership further strengthens the external exception management and query resolution capabilities for the company’s front-to-back investment technology users. The new integration enables FINBOURNE clients to better manage the exceptions that often disrupt the IBOR and ABOR calculation process. By utilising Taskize workflow solutions for exception resolution, users can now dynamically prioritise and resolve complex IBOR and ABOR post-trade exceptions, which helps overcome the challenges posed by shorter settlement times in the new T+1 settlement environment, says Sekhon.

“From the perspective of IBOR & ABOR, the fundamental point for an efficient operations workflow is ensuring the data is as clean as possible from the start,” he says. “This means time can be spent on product research or performance analysis rather than wasting the majority on data cleansing, as some companies do. Coordinating across counterparties and pushing results back through the workflow eliminates the need to access multiple systems, hunt for the right contact, monitor progress, and check on task completion. This coordination in one place represents a significant efficiency gain for our clients in this cleansing process.”

The functionality is part of FINBOURNE’s Horizon programme, allowing clients to seamlessly access, integrate, and connect with various external technology and data sources within the LUSID platform.

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