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Exactpro and Athens Stock Exchange Publish Case Study on Successful Trading System Migration

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Exactpro, the software testing company, and the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) have jointly released a new case study entitled “Athens Stock Exchange Trading System FIX Migration – OASIS Upgrade Testing & Coverage Analysis.” The study focuses on the data-driven passive testing and functional test automation approaches used by Exactpro to assist the migration of the ATHEX trading system to a new FIX server.

The case study outlines the benefits of data-driven passive testing in verifying the quality of large-scale transaction processing systems. The project’s testing scope encompassed functional and regression testing of the changes introduced to the ATHEX trading system. The study also highlights how passive testing and results analysis automation tools facilitate the use of advanced data analysis.

Nikos Antonopoulos, Head of the Trading Systems Development department at the Athens Exchange Group, commented: “Exactpro has been a valuable partner to ATHEX for several years now. This collaboration has led to the creation of an extensive test library that has been critical in automated regression testing across multiple versions, leading up to the introduction of ATHEX FIX.”

He continued: “After a particularly demanding project with significant risk factors, ATHEX FIX is currently live marking a smooth and incident-free transition to production, without disrupting our daily operations. We are proud we have achieved the desired performance goals, with a nearly 50% reduction in round-trip time for ATHEX colocation clients. The tools and expertise provided by Exactpro have been instrumental in accomplishing these goals.”

Co-CEO and co-founder of Exactpro, Iosif Itkin, highlighted the benefits of passive testing for ensuring the success of initiatives such as these. “The approach we have described enables us to create comprehensive test libraries, automate regression testing and passive reconciliation checks, monitor the system’s performance and health over time, detect floating issues and issues manifesting themselves under unique conditions, such as when the system is stressed, which is a crucial type of validation for high-availability mission-critical financial platforms prone to high-volatility risks.”

He added: “Using passive property testing for data annotation is what drives Exactpro’s new AI Testing strategy and we will continue further enhancing the Exactpro testing service with data-driven tools and techniques. We have enjoyed working with the ATHEX team and will be happy to support future innovation initiatives by our partners.”

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