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DiffusionData Partners with Options Technology to Integrate Real-Time Data Distribution

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DiffusionData (formerly Push Technology), specialist provider of real-time data streaming solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Options Technology, the capital markets infrastructure and services provider. Through the collaboration DiffusionData’s real-time data distribution server, Diffusion, will be integrated with Options’ consolidated data service. The integration will streamline the controlled delivery of multi-asset class data for mutual customers, utilising market-leading web socket technology to operate at internet scale.

Options Technology supports trading at numerous venues worldwide with its managed infrastructure and connectivity services, along with private financial cloud services that combine hosting with direct market access, total cost of ownership reduction, and top-tier resiliency and security.

“One of the aims with this collaboration is to enable customers to utilise the Options Atlas feed more efficiently, says Grethe Brown, CEO of DiffusionData, in conversation with TradingTech Insight. “Our approach allows us to handle data transformation and distribution, significantly reducing egress costs by delivering only the specific data the trader needs. Unlike the standard practice of sending all data, we provide a sophisticated distribution that transmits only the delta—the difference between successive data points—resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings. Also, from a DiffusionData perspective, our team will benefit from collaborating with a larger entity like Options. This partnership will enhance our capabilities, providing a more comprehensive solution with Options’ consolidated data service than we currently offer.”

The Diffusion framework offers control over end-to-end data flow, creation of personalised data streams, and efficient data delivery through patented bandwidth optimisation, which will enable clients to fully leverage Options’ consolidated data service.

“There are numerous applications for personalised data streams. For instance, in FX liquidity provision, a bank might quote different FX rates to different tiers of customers,” says Brown. “Additionally, they may choose to apply a delay to some of their data, allowing them to charge lower fees to customers who receive the data with a 15-minute delay.”

Danny Moore, President and CEO of Options, commented: “Our partnership with DiffusionData represents a significant advancement in our ability to deliver robust and scalable data solutions to our clients. By integrating Diffusion’s cutting-edge data streaming technology with our consolidated data service, we are not only enhancing data delivery but also empowering our clients to gain real-time insights and make informed decisions faster and more efficiently. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing innovative and reliable infrastructure that meets the evolving needs of the capital markets.”

Grethe Brown, CEO of DiffusionData, commented on the partnership: “By integrating our Diffusion framework with Options’ consolidated data service, we are providing clients with a powerful solution that combines real-time data streaming with unparalleled control and efficiency. This collaboration will enable users to harness the full potential of their data, delivering seamless and personalised data streams that drive better decision-making and operational performance. Together, we are setting a new standard for data delivery in the financial services industry.”

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