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Data Management Summit Returns to NYC with a Focus on Unlocking Data Value for the Business

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Don’t miss it! Data Management Summit NYC will be hosted by A-Team Group president and chief content officer Andrew Delaney on 28 September in New York City. The summit promises plenty of new content, a line-up of expert speakers, and lively discussion on topics from how to unlock data value for the business to how to capitalise on data migration to cloud, how to scale enterprise data quality with AI and ML, and, or course, everything you need to know about the potential of Generative AI in data management.

Delaney will open the Summit with a quick run through of the agenda, take audience questions for speakers throughout the day, and close with an invitation to networking drinks that will give you a forum to meet colleagues, review the Summit content, and enjoy a drink on the house.


The Summit will start with a practitioner keynote fireside chat that will dive into the detail of Generative AI, its challenges and opportunities, risks and ethics, and how it could transform data management. Peter Serenita, Board Member and Advisor, and former Chief Data Officer, will ask the questions and be joined on stage by AI expert Jennifer Ippoliti, Legal Chief Data Officer at JP Morgan Chase.

A second keynote presented by Kevin Shannon, Advisor Solutions Engineer at Solidatus, and titled Data Distress – Is the data office on the brink of breakdown? will share research commissioned by Solidatus and surveying 300 senior data leaders across in the financial services sector across the US and UK on the causes of data distress. It’s not all bad news, however, with Shannon also planning to talk about how to address data distress and develop a culture that will put your organisation on the path to success.

Coming back to Generative AI, and in this keynote looking at practical approaches to the technology, Chris Napoli, Industry Principal, Financial Services at Snowflake, will look at use cases of Generative AI in financial markets, requirements for building Generative AI capabilities, steps to get started on the journey, and how to set up a cloud and data strategy to support successful solutions.

After the lunch break and an opportunity to mingle with Summit sponsors, Pratima Tripurneni, Vice President, Enterprise Data Delivery at Northern Trust, will step into the spotlight and describe the journey to data mesh at the global financial services firm. Among the issues she will address are the data requirements for a data mesh approach, common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and metrics and KPIs to measure success.

A final keynote, Data packages – Foreign data access at enterprise scale, will be presented by Peter Elias, Co-Founder and CEO at Patch. The key questions here include what is foreign data access and why is it one of the biggest bottlenecks in turning data into revenue, why is ETL an expensive solution to foreign data access, and how can we empower a single engineer to serve the needs of hundreds of data consumers in a complex enterprise?

Panel Sessions

With the Summit keynotes providing answers to plenty of thought-provoking questions, the panel sessions will likely spark animated conversation among the speakers and with the audience.

A panel of expert chief data officers moderated by Julia Bardmesser, Chair, Technology Advisory Council, Women Leaders in Data & AI, will discuss successful data transformation for long term business value, taking in the challenges and opportunities of technologies such as cloud and AI, and determining appropriate value-based metrics to demonstrate value and ROI for transformation projects.

The cloud returns after coffee break with a panel led by John Bottega, President of the EDM Council, looking at how to capitalise on data migration to the cloud. Moving on, another panel with Predrag Dizdarevic, Partner at Element 22 in the chair will address the well-known problem of how to scale enterprise data quality, but this time using AI and ML.

Focusing on data, Andrew Delaney will moderate a panel covering the challenges and opportunities of building a data hub to enable data intelligence. Focusing on data management, Dessa Glasser, Independent Board Member at Oppenheimer Holdings, Independent Board Member at GLEIF, and Principal at The Financial Risk Group will lead discussion on how to build an agile platform to support compliance, risk management, and business decisions.

Last, but certainly not least, the Summit will open a window on Data Tech Futures – What’s hot and coming next for the data technology industry? That’s right before the drinks reception, so plenty to talk about – don’t miss it!

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