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Crux Software-as-a-Service Platform Automates Integration of External Data

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Crux, provider of a data integration, transformation, and observability solution, has released Crux External Data Platform, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering designed to allow organisations to onboard thousands of external datasets directly from vendors into internal data systems and drive better, faster decisions.

Crux builds data pipelines at scale, allowing enterprises to ingest any custom data source, and operates over 50,000 pre-engineered pipelines to deliver external datasets in a data science and analytics ready format. Crux External Data Platform makes the company’s capabilities, including data integration, validation and transformation, available to data engineers.

“The cloud enabled enterprises to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, consolidate on-premise data warehouses, scale on demand, and access critical resources in minutes. The Crux External Data Platform is similarly transformative, allowing data engineers to onboard external data products into their data warehouse or cloud analytics environment in minutes,” says Will Freiberg, CEO at Crux.

Early users of the platform, including Two Sigma and Schroders, are accelerating external data onboarding, gaining insights through rapid trials of new data products, and reducing data engineers’ workloads. They are also using AI and ML capabilities to automate and streamline data workflows, decreasing the need for manual intervention and improving accuracy.

Dan Lynn, senior vice president of products at Crux, says: “The platform is an opportunity for data engineers to flip the ratio from 70% of time spent preparing data to 70% of time driving higher value analytics and insights.”

Jeff Wecker, chief technology officer at Two Sigma, comments: “Integrating, transforming, and absorbing data into our pipelines is a massive undertaking. Crux acts as a universal translation layer to provide our data teams a quicker path to high-quality data sets and our researchers faster access to systematic data-driven insights.”

Crux has partnerships with over 265 data providers including ESG data suppliers such as MSCI ESG, ISS ESG, and RepRisk.

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