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Celoxica Strengthens APAC Presence with Sydney Office and Enhanced Offerings

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Celoxica, provider of ultra-low latency market access gateway and feed handler solutions, has opened a new office in Sydney to support its global expansion and to service customers across the APAC region.

The company has appointed Ben Tyas to head up the region. Tyas comes with considerable expertise in low-latency trading technology and customer support, having previously held senior roles at ASX, Deutsche Bank and UBS.

Claiming to offer the fastest, most deterministic trading and market data solutions with the lowest footprint, Celoxica has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by demand for both its high throughput, low latency market data feed and for its low latency, high performance risk management and execution Market Access Gateway (MAG).

“We’re seeing growing demand across the region,” Tyas tells TradingTech Insight. “Here in Asia Pacific, we contract directly with various regional sell-side brokers, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms. Together with Celoxica’s London and New York centres, we support a number of global tier one brokers and buy-side clients through our ‘follow-the-sun’ model. We onboard their own customers – prop firms and quantitative hedge funds who want exposure to APAC markets.”

Celoxica’s feed handlers and MAG are available in various configurations, including software-only and with hardware acceleration using FPGA-based technology, which offers the lowest, most deterministic latency.

“The product suite is incredibly flexible, giving you so many options,” says Tyas. “You can have an FPGA-accelerated hardware solution, a software solution, or an hybrid solution where you use both hardware and software. Basically, you can tailor both our Risk DMA ‘MAG’ platform and our feed handlers to be as fast and deterministic as you need them to be in order to meet your business requirements across equities, fixed income, cash and derivatives products.”

The MAG now provides in-line risk management and low latency access to multiple equity and derivatives exchanges and trading venues across APAC, including SGX, Taifex, ASX, Cboe Australia and OSE, with new venues in the region scheduled to be added within the next 12 months.

The establishment of Celoxica’s Sydney office follows the company’s recently announced partnership with IPC Systems to provide a Tier 1 global investment bank in Taiwan with a fully managed ultra-low latency trading solution, including direct market access (DMA) and pre-trade risk management. This fully managed service approach is proving popular, says Tyas. “We pride ourselves in the way we support our clients across a full service model which includes hardware, networking, and connectivity, which is almost always colocated in order to get the best performance, in addition to using the Celoxica products.“

Jean Marc Bouhelier, CEO of Celoxica, commented: “Expanding our presence in the APAC region is a critical component of our global expansion strategy. Working in close partnership with infrastructure partners in the region, and our growing global customer base, we believe it is the right time to bolster our physical presence in the region, starting with our offices in Sydney. We are very excited about the potential for growth and delighted to have Ben at the helm in this region.”

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