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Bridgewise Raises $21M to Expand AI Financial Intelligence Platform for Global Securities

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Bridgewise, the AI-powered investment analysis platform, has successfully completed a $21 million funding round, increasing its total capital raised to $35 million. The investment was spearheaded by SIX Group and included contributions from Group11 and L4 Venture Builder, along with other global financial institutions.

The company provides advanced AI-driven solutions that serve a diverse client base including exchanges, banks, trading platforms, investment houses, wealth advisors, and financial education platforms. Operating in over 15 countries – including Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK, and the US – Bridgewise plans to use the fresh capital to enhance its market penetration and to accelerate growth.

Bridgewise’s AI platform offers a suite of products targeted at top-tier financial institutions, ranging from AI-generated analytical reports and on-demand financial instrument analysis to Bridget, a natural-language AI chat interface, and a robo-advisor tailored to provide personal investment recommendations.

A key feature of the Bridgewise platform is its ability to analyse fundamental data on more than 90% of listed global securities, including stocks and mutual funds. It also uniquely provides regulated investment recommendations, a service that has received approval in its operating markets.

The foundation of Bridgewise’s technology is built on two primary innovations: a machine learning algorithm that leverages over 20 years of historical data to analyse and score more than 50,000 securities, and a proprietary Micro Language Model (MLM) that generates comprehensible security reports in multiple languages.

Gaby Diamant, Co-founder and CEO of Bridgewise, commented: “This is a major milestone on our mission to close the knowledge and accessibility gap across the global capital markets. Our AI technology is uniquely positioned to provide the trustworthy analysis, recommendations, and support global investors need to make informed decisions. With partners such as SIX, Group 11, and L4VB on board we have the tools we need to deliver significantly upgraded insights across the globe, empowering investors in any language, in any market. This new funding is an opportunity to deliver on our promise to our customers, and our responsibility to the industry as a whole.”

Bjørn Sibbern, Global Head of Exchanges at SIX, added: “Our investment in Bridgewise signifies our commitment to innovation and the future of finance. With AI at its core, Bridgewise equips professional and retail investors with essential tools for informed decisions. This strategic move not only taps into a high-growth market but also enhances our internal expertise. Together, we’re driving innovation and empowering our customers across various geographies and in our home markets to stay competitive.”

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