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Bloomberg Releases GenAI-Powered Earnings Call Summaries

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Bloomberg has released AI-Powered Earnings Call Summaries, the company’s first generative AI (GenAI) product for terminal users. The tool enables users to decipher complex financial information and quickly extract key insights on topics addressed by corporate management teams, such as guidance, capital allocation, hiring and labour plans, the macro environment, new products, supply chain issues, and consumer demand.

Bloomberg Intelligence analysts help train the large language models used in the solution to more accurately understand the nuances of financial language and anticipate what’s most important to investors.

Summary points are enriched with context links so analysts can discover related information across the terminal, such as Company Financials {MODL<GO>} and Supply Chain Analysis {SPLC<GO>}. For more transparency, the solution also makes it possible for users to click on each point in the summary sidebar and jump to the corresponding excerpts in the call transcript.

As one user put it: “Bloomberg’s AI-Powered Earnings Call Summaries makes it easy to read coverage across ancillary and adjacent companies. It also distills the contentious points, so we know where in the material to look for insights from important debates.” Another comments: “This innovation will empower us to cut through excess information in earnings calls, identify key insights for dividend analysis and explore new investment opportunities.”

Andrew Skala, global head of research, listed core services product at Bloomberg, says: “AI-Powered Earnings Call Summaries extends the research process by providing solutions that combine deep financial domain knowledge, technology expertise and world-class content.”

AI-Powered Earnings Call Summaries complements Document Search {DS<GO>}, the Bloomberg Terminal function that employs natural language processing to help users search across hundreds of millions of trusted company and industry documents with speed and precision. Both solutions reduce the burden of discovering the most salient points in earnings call transcripts and are built into Bloomberg’s suite of Research Management Solutions.

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