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Beeks Group Delivers On-Demand Private Cloud Compute Solution for ICE Global Network

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Beeks Group, the cloud computing, connectivity and analytics provider for capital markets, has collaborated with ICE Global Network (IGN), a division of Intercontinental Exchange, to provide a private cloud compute solution for IGN clients. The new offering combines Beeks’ on-demand compute service with IGN’s hosting and data access capabilities.

“ICE sell colocation, managed services and some hosting, but what we’ve built for them is an in-colocation private cloud service, with inbuilt analytics,” says Gordon McArthur, CEO at Beeks. “Their customers can now spin up bare metal servers or virtual machines and have analytics all pre-built and ready to utilise. And they can do it all under an ICE Global Network contract.”

The collaboration between IGN, which provides content, delivery and execution services through an ultra-secure, highly resilient network, and Beeks Group’s Exchange Cloud, provides a pre-integrated white-label solution with security at the forefront.

“Everything is managed by ICE,” says McArthur. “The client sees their deployed infrastructure in their own individual portal, in their own security zone, and they can buy and assign analytics per server.”

IGN is initially offering the solution at their NY4 data centre in Secaucus, NJ with plans to further expand the service to other IGN data centres around the world.

“It’s all low latency cloud infrastructure, so it’s built for trade execution,” says McArthur. “ICE market data and IGN market connectivity around the world is available, so it gives customers an end-to-end solution. If they want to trade a new market, they can spin up compute, deploy analytics, take market data from ICE themselves, and connect anywhere else in the world, over SFTI or any other of the networks that ICE have.”

In April 2020, Beeks acquired trade analytics specialist Velocimetrics and subsequently rebranded the product as Beeks Analytics. Integrated within the Exchange Cloud solution, Beeks Analytics will provide IGN clients with a fine-grained view of network performance and market data within their private cloud environment.

“Since we bought Velocimetrics, we’ve been developing that product and integrating it into our UIs, so it’s a seamless experience for customers,” says McArthur. “Beeks Analytics provides full trade analytics, including fill times and alerting if there are any strange issues in your executions. It also provides latency monitoring, gap protection, and microburst detection, as well as market data replay functionality, because we’re capturing all the packets from the network. Clients can go back and look at particularly busy days or busy periods and replay that market data via the portal.”

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