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Ataccama Upgrades Data Catalog, Adds Data Observability, Offers Data Quality for Snowflake in Latest Release of Ataccama ONE Platform

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Ataccama, provider of a unified data management platform, has released early access to version 14 of its Ataccama ONE platform. At the heart of the release is an upgraded data catalog with greater capabilities for collaboration, compliance and data activation, as well as a new data observability module built for enterprise use. The release also adds end-to-end data quality and observability to native processing on Snowflake.

Ataccama was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from data and systems integrator Adastra, and  most recently secured its first external funding round of $150 million from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities, which took a minority investment in the company. The company’s platform enables enterprise data democratisation with a unified approach to automated data quality, master data management and metadata management across cloud and hybrid environments.

“With the release of version 14 of Ataccama ONE, we are bringing our customers more versatility in the platform,” says Martin Zahumensky, chief product technology officer at Ataccama. “The update offers users streamlined access to enterprise data assets, in addition to the ability to better collaborate on data governance tasks, explore data, create custom visualisations and metrics, and use data more effortlessly and productively on a daily basis. It’s an important step to supporting our mission for data-driven innovation and data democratisation.”

The version 14 enhancement of the Ataccama ONE data catalog offers new features for enterprise-wide collaboration, asset sharing, governance, compliance and data activation while maintaining automated capabilities for data classification and data quality management. Among the new features are a revamped permission model for both curated and federated data governance models to better support decentralised approaches to data such as data mesh. A visual data explorer allows users to explore data and create data visualiations and custom metrics directly within the data catalog, and the addition of ONE Data enables users to collaborate and create managed data sets and reference data directly from the catalog, with built-in validation and governance.

The data observability module allows system owners, data engineers and data stewards to monitor data systems with minimal configuration and AI-powered and metadata-driven data quality management features. They can gain insights into the health of data systems, alert users to data quality issues, anomalies, schema changes or abnormal changes in data volumes, and investigate and fix issues before they move further along the data pipeline. The module is available as part of the Ataccama ONE platform and as a standalone SaaS solution.

The version 14 release also brings to market an enterprise data quality and observability solution engineered to use the Snowflake workload via native processing through Snowpark, which allows developers to bring their favorite tools and deploy them in a serverless way to Snowflake’s virtual warehouse compute engine. Ataccama uses Snowpark to execute data profiling, data quality checks and data observability jobs natively in Snowflake, providing performance benefits and eliminating the need to move data out of Snowflake. The version 14 release also includes ONE Portal, a new cloud gateway for Ataccama users that provides fully self-service access to their products.

Michal Klaus, CEO at Ataccama, concludes: “For Ataccama, 2022  has been a year of major growth. We have seen a significant increase in our client base, and doubled the size of our R&D team. This leap forward has been fuelled by growing global demand for advanced data management, as well as our recent growth capital investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities.”

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