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Arcesium wins Most Innovative North American Data Management Provider in A-Team Group Data Management Awards USA 2023

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Arcesium has won the award for Most Innovative North American Data Management Provider in A-Team Group’s Data Management Insight Awards USA 2023. The awards celebrate leading providers of data management solutions, services and consultancy to capital markets participants.

Arcesium was selected as a winner by A-Team Group’s US data management community.

Mahesh Narayan, Institutional Asset Management Segment Head at Arcesium, explains why and how the company’s award-winning innovative data management was developed, its use cases, and the benefits it can deliver. He also discusses Arcesium’s roadmap.

A-Team: Please tell us about Arcesium and the types of capital markets clients the company works with.

Mahesh: Arcesium works with and enables institutional asset managers, hedge funds, private markets investors, custodians, fund administrators, and prime brokers to gain a new level of transparency into their data.

A-Team: What challenges are your clients facing at the moment?

Mahesh: Institutional asset managers are operating in an increasingly competitive environment. Achieving economies of scale to maintain operating margins can be elusive while launching new strategies to differentiate performance is expensive to implement and hard to scale.

These challenges, along with an explosion of data, fragmented systems, error-prone processes, and supralinear cost growth leave firms at a crossroads. To create transformative outcomes, Arcesium delivers scalable, configurable, interoperable, and purpose-built investment operations and data platforms.

A-Team: How does Arcesium help clients approach these challenges?

Mahesh: Arcesium creates commonality across data and puts the power in users’ hands. Our solutions give organizations the agility to access and intelligently use data to develop unique insights.

Arcesium’s technology integrates data, workflows and analytics, enabling organizations to simplify investment platforms, migrate off legacy systems, optimize efficiencies, and lower total cost of ownership. By enabling asset managers to future-proof investment and data operations roadmaps, Arcesium empowers firms to support new asset classes and products, improve analytics and reporting, sharpen data strategies, and make the most of emerging operating models.

A-Team: More specifically, what does the company’s innovative data management offer to clients?

Mahesh: An extensive flexible data model. Comprehensive data connectivity for firms’ investment lifecycle, and self-service, no-code-low-code capabilities. These innovations accelerate time to market with purpose-built data models used for the entire investment lifecycle.

A-Team: What are the benefits of working with Arcesium?

Mahesh: At Arcesium, we know that financial services firms approach the industry from a unique vantage point and contend with a distinct set of challenges. Arcesium understands this and tailors its solutions to make sense of constantly evolving asset classes, fund products, distribution channels, and regulations. Designed to help organizations diversify their business, our flexible capabilities meet firms where they are on the journey to advance their data strategy and modernize their operating model.

A-Team: Please run through a short case study involving Arcesium.

Mahesh: Leveraging fully managed middle- and back-office services for competitiveness.

Challenge: An institutional asset manager with approximately $20 billion AUM had various middle- and back-office functions that were consuming time and investments and ultimately not achieving the efficiency and outcomes desired.

Solution: To re-engineer operations, the client leveraged Arcesium’s fully managed middle- and back-office services. Following an accelerated implementation schedule, Arcesium effectively managed the firm’s key mid- to back-office operations, including cash, positions, FX, repo, trade reconciliations, wires sent to counterparties, corporate actions, compliance reports such as ERISA, trade, GIPS, performance and risk, and investor reporting.

In addition, our solution incorporated front-office integration, such as start-of-day positions, cash available for trading, and daily trade bookings. Integration with internal third-party platforms and automated feeds to the client’s security master help to enhance the accuracy of accounting information. The client also chose Arcesium’s strategic partner, Confluence, to provide performance and risk capabilities, which proved to be a key value add.

Result: Arcesium’s fully managed services enabled this client to focus resources on front-office and business development activities. The solution also allowed the client to reduce fixed-cost investments. The client continues to expand the scope of the managed services offering, including adding Arcesium’s swaps management and data management capabilities.

A-Team: How will you develop your award-winning practices over the next year?

Mahesh: We will be developing in four key areas over the next year:

  • Self-service tools – ensuring various capabilities in our platform are fully self-service for users
  • Low-code No-code tools – providing an interactive drag and drop solution for various workflows
  • Dynamic reporting and visualization – Integrating our report manager and doc studio reporting platforms with our Aquata data platform
  • AI and Machine Learning capabilities – improving data ingest, data quality, data access.

A-Team: Finally, what does winning A-Team Group’s award for Most Innovative North America Data Management Provider mean to Arcesium?

Mahesh: We are deeply honored to accept the prestigious A-Team award for Most Innovative North American Data Management Provider. This recognition is a testament to Arcesium’s unwavering commitment to innovation in the area of data management. We are proud to work with and support a wide range of clients, including institutional asset managers, hedge funds, and private markets investors. Thank you to A-Team Group’s data management community, our clients, and our Arcesium team for this award.

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