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Alveo Integrates MSCI ESG Research Content into DaaS Data Management Solution

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Alveo has integrated MSCI ESG Research content into its Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) data management solution, giving clients access to both firms’ data and cloud data management capabilities, and providing solutions that integrate MSCI’s content into client workflows and help business users self-serve.

Integrated MSCI content includes MSCI ESG Ratings, ESG Controversies and ESG Sustainable Impact Metrics, as well as Climate Change Metrics, Business Involvement Screening Research (BISR) and MSCI ESG Global Norms Screening.

The MSCI content can be cross-referenced and linked with client data sets or content from third-party data sources within a client’s business processes. The collaboration also provides capabilities for fast data onboarding, complete data lineage, data governance, data cleansing, cloud sharing delivery, and last-mile integration into customer’s workflows and cloud data warehouses.

“Combining data and data management into a DaaS offering that enables clients to more easily onboard new data is a growing requirement across the industry,” says Mark Hepsworth, CEO at Alveo. “Our collaboration with MSCI on off-the-shelf, maintained integration will make data onboarding and operational integration as easy as possible.”

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