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Adaptive’s Aeron Premium Technology Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

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Adaptive Financial Consulting (Adaptive), the electronic trading technology solutions provider, has announced that its Aeron Premium technology is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This follows last October’s announcement of Adaptive’s partnership with Google Cloud, and the subsequent launch of Aeron Premium, which augments the popular Aeron open source platform with additional features, enterprise-grade SLAs and enhanced technical support.

The move will offer Google Cloud Marketplace customers access to both the open-source and premium versions of Aeron.

“Now that Adaptive has gone through an extensive vetting process to become an approved vendor in the Google Cloud Marketplace, the whole procurement path for firms looking to deploy Aeron becomes much easier,” Matt Barrett, Adaptive’s CEO, tells TradingTech Insight. “Firms can now spend some of their Google-committed budget on an Aeron Premium licence and purchase it directly through the Marketplace.”

The Google Cloud Marketplace offers users the ability to rapidly deploy functional software packages on the Google Cloud, such as Compute Engine or Cloud Storage, without the need for manual configuration. To ensure the platform is optimally configured for Google Cloud, Adaptive has been working closely with Google to conduct extensive benchmarking and performance tuning.

Aeron is extensively deployed across various asset classes and is utilised by capital markets firms that aim to own and control their technology infrastructure to gain a competitive edge. It has become the global technology standard for high-throughput, low-latency applications. A key component of the platform is Aeron Cluster, a framework for high-performance in-memory fault-tolerant services, which enables resilient 24/7 workloads to be created in the cloud, on-prem or both.

“One of the core benefits of Aeron Cluster is its resiliency model, which is very suitable to the ephemerality of public cloud compute, i.e. network switches getting restarted, machines being rebooted, storage disappearing, and so on,” says Barrett. “Aeron’s resiliency model ensures that its throughput, its latency and its performance characteristics are all cloud-tolerant. That means that highly available messaging systems, Central Limit Order Books, RFQ workflow systems, real time risk, etc., can all be built on the cloud with the same sort of resiliency guarantees that one would expect when building on-prem or deploying into a co-lo.”

Fergus Keenan, Chief Strategy Officer at Adaptive, commented: “The move to the cloud in capital markets, and trading workflow use cases in particular, is happening now. We have seen surging demand from our clients and Aeron open source users looking to deploy cloud-native solutions that meet their uniquely challenging demands of resiliency, performance and security. This is why Adaptive joined Google Cloud as a partner in late 2022.”

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