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A-Team Group Releases Institutional Digital Assets Handbook

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A-Team Group has this week released the first edition of the Institutional Digital Assets Handbook 2023, an in-depth guide to the institutional digital assets landscape for trading technologists.

Financial institutions have demonstrated a marked and noticeable growth in interest in digital assets in recent years. With the potential for assets of all types to be tokenised and issued natively on blockchains in the future, firms are increasingly seeing the opportunities that this could offer around asset valuation, trading and compliance.

However, the industry still lacks a cohesive regulatory framework and a market structure that fully satisfies the fiduciary requirements of financial institutions. But that situation is slowly changing. And as the market evolves, there could well be an explosion of institutional activity in digital assets, which could completely transform the financial markets industry.

A-Team’s Institutional Digital Assets Handbook 2023, sponsored by Amberdata, specialists in translating raw cryptoeconomic data into comprehensive and actionable information, provides a detailed analysis of the current landscape around institutional digital assets. The Handbook includes an overview of digital assets, their benefits and risks; the role of DLT and blockchain; an exploration of what is driving institutional interest; an in-depth section on infrastructure, technology and data issues; and an overview of the current regulatory framework.

The Handbook concludes with a look ahead at what might be needed to accelerate institutional adoption of digital assets, and looks at what the future could hold for the sector.

For any institutional trading technologist looking to gain a greater understanding of this fast-evolving segment of the market, the Institutional Digital Assets Handbook 2023 is essential reading.

Download your free copy today.

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