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AWD Connects Email Capture and BPM

With AWD, the industry-leading business process management (BPM) solution from DST Technologies, companies can now automatically capture incoming email and initiate processing without custom code.

Unlike alternative BPM solutions, AWD delivers out-of-the-box integration for inbound email. AWD can identify email by subject, parse data from within the message, determine the work required, prioritise and route it to a person for processing. The email message itself is stored as an attachment to the process, supporting retention and audit requirements while enabling companies to purge their email systems periodically.

“We built this capability into the AWD platform itself so that our clients don’t have to,” said Lisa Williams, senior director of product management for DST Technologies. “Delivering pre-built solutions allows customers to achieve results quickly and with less risk to the business.”

AWD orchestrates people, process and content to work in harmony. The solution is designed to lower risk and deliver seamless, high-quality customer service. With more than 20 years of experience in providing innovative process solutions, AWD is a business-friendly application that provides work allocation, operational transparency and risk control.

Used by companies in the banking, insurance, communications and utilities sectors, AWD currently supports approximately 200,000 licensed users in 12 countries.

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