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Asset Control Adds Language Support for Asian Character Sets in AC Plus

EDM vendor Asset Control has added new localised language capabilities to its AC Plus data management software in order to support users in the Asia Pacific region. The new additions have been built upon the vendor’s AC Plus Desktop platform and allow for the processing, editing and display of multi-byte character sets, such as Han and Kanji.

AC Plus therefore provides support of the new character sets at the software’s server level as well as within data models, interface and formula engines, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Phil Lynch, Asset Control’s president and CEO, explains the reasoning behind the move: “Rather than requiring customers to operate in non-native languages, Asset Control understands the importance of helping customers meet their enterprise data management needs while enhancing efficiency in their local operations.”

Providing localised support for customers in Asia is also another step towards expanding its geographic footprint in the domestic markets of the region. As the data management business in the US and Europe has been feeling the squeeze from the current financial climate, many vendors like Asset Control have been actively upping their game in the Asian markets to attract new customers from the region. With retrenchment on the cards globally, the feeling seems to be that covering as much ground as possible is the best way to net customers.

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