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A Big Low Latency Day Tomorrow!

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I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a little while. It’s been the silly season and it seemed a good time to take a break. But with my annual Pimm’s party, Labor Day and the Office 2.0 conference behind me, I reckoned it was time to start writing again.

I must admit, I almost posted a couple of weeks back, when I received an unsolicited pitch to provide consultancy to a private equity fund to bring them up to speed on the world of market data and low latency. From what I can tell, most of the world received it, and I found it easy to decline the offer of the supposed riches on offer. I don’t suffer fools that well, and the thought of a pitching a one hour 101 to the PE crowd was not something I relished. No doubt someone has now provided that consulting session and so I dread to think what investment decisions will now be made by the newly “expert” PE firm.

Still, it does at least demonstrate that the low latency marketplace is in vogue for investors, and that could point to an increase in transactions, and perhaps some consolidation. The world of low latency is maturing already and that’s bringing little changes here and there. For example, it was interesting to note the recent change in leadership at StreamBase, following on the heals of a further investment from its venture capital backers.

Lately, I’ve been deep in email traffic related to sessions and speakers for tomorrow’s High Performance on Wall Street show. This year, the event has been largely hijacked by the subject of low latency and the hotness of the subject has meant more delegates than we’ve ever known, a sold out exhibit space and a roster of sponsors.

The event has also been used as a hook for companies looking to release news. That two Stac benchmarks were just released is no coincidence. Nor is the preview of Exegy’s 2.0 ticker plant. And expect some news from 29West tomorrow too.

Hope to see you there. It’s gonna be a full room but I am sure we can fit you in if you want to come along, either for the conference or the free exhibits.

Until next time … here’s some good music.

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