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Transforming Investment Management: The Urgency to Modernize Platforms

Institutional asset managers are searching for solutions to help them navigate an investment environment that’s been reshaped by novel pressures on their business models, renewed economic uncertainty and intensifying geopolitical tensions.

As they seek to address the resultant erosion of investment performance, squeezed fees and rising operating costs, they have turned to the opportunities offered by digital transformations, specifically through data migration to the cloud.

First, though, they must overcome the burden of limitation placed on them by the legacy technology setups. Shifting to a cloud-hosted data management system is the obvious pathway for them, but their lack of resources and expertise can make that migration challenging.

This white paper will outline the benefits of entrusting that transition to a third-party data platform like Arcesium’s Aquata. The paper will argue that a managed solution offers the flexibility, scalability and data integration capabilities that asset managers need to improve business performance and reduce operating costs.

The report will:

  • Outline the new pressures that are prompting institutional asset managers to reconsider their data management strategies.
  • Explain why their legacy systems are ill-suited to meet the data demands of modern financial institutions.
  • Detail what “good” should look like in a managed data platform Illustrate these principles with reference to the real-life case studies.