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The Evolution of Outsourcing Data Operations for ESG and Private Assets

Financial institutions are grappling with a substantially changed operating environment that’s placing novel pressures on their data management processes.

As organisations navigate a more volatile global financial picture, many are tacking towards a multi-asset business model that demands new capabilities and expertise. They are also having to bolster their regulatory compliance capabilities, as new disclosure rules are introduced.

This transformation has come with a shift in the types of data that they need, including unstructured data, which calls for sophisticated technology to convert it into a format that can be easily digested into their systems. Unfortunately, their own technology stacks are often unsuited to these new data demands and the pool of talent able to help manage such a transition is vanishingly small.

The obvious solution is to outsource those new processes to a provider that has the necessary experience, expertise and datasets.

In this white paper, we will:

  • Examine the current data management environment
  • Outline the data challenges this poses
  • Explain how those challenges can be met through a Data Management-as-a-Service (DMaaS) approach
  • Show how S&P Global Market Intelligence’s DMaaS provides the necessary data tools and talents delivered through flexible, scalable cloud-based service models.
  • Illustrate the service’s practical applications through the lens of two key use cases – ESG and private markets.