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The Evolution of Enterprise Data for ESG

Until recently, ESG data was regarded as a peripheral concern among data managers. Today, it is a vital part of an institution’s operations, needed by front- and back-office teams, putting huge new responsibilities on chief data and sustainability officers.

Incorporating this new generation of data into institutions’ infrastructures, however, has been a challenge. Many on-prem setups have struggled to integrate the broad range of data formats in which ESG enters their systems. They’re also finding it difficult to absorb the ever-growing volume of ESG data that they need to feed their workflows, including the increasingly sophisticated analytical models that give organisations a competitive advantage.

Getting the ESG data piece right, however, is non-negotiable: failing to do so will at the very least put them at risk of breaching the expanding body of regulations that apply to the creation, management and investment of sustainability and ESG-linked assets.

In this white paper, a panel of leading ESG specialists offer their views on navigating this broad and tricky new landscape. It will address:

  • The challenging characteristics of ESG data
  • The practicalities of incorporating ESG data into enterprise data management systems (EMS)
  • Best practices for EMS integration
  • The relative benefits of outsourcing and buying in data services
  • The benefits of getting integration right and potential costs of failing to do so.