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Solving the Enterprise Data Challenge for Institutional Investors

Institutional investors are evolving under pressure from a range of emergent externalities that are prompting many to assume new roles and processes, some of which have traditionally been the preserve of asset managers.

Enabled by data-led technology, they are making more direct investments and managing their portfolios in-house. At the same time, they are streamlining operations and out-sourcing more routine activities.

This new normal is creating its own challenges for firms, however, principally in terms of managing their data and tech capabilities. Some, for instance, simply lack the expertise and infrastructure to adopt the workflows necessary for such a transformation.

Fortunately, solutions exist to enable their transition and in this white paper we will explain what institutional investors can do to ensure the best outcome in their evolution. It will:

  • Investigate the reasons for the recent shift in asset owners’ business models;
  • Examine the new data and tech environment that’s making this possible;
  • Explain how an integrated managed data service can ease the path to achieving their automation goals.