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Practical Considerations for Shifting to a Shared-Services Model for Reference Data Management

After years of discussion and little action, are we now seeing a shift in attitudes and a gain in traction for the idea of a shared services model for reference data management?

A-Team Group surveyed a dozen market practitioners at financial institutions to understand the benefits and concerns and realities of shared services for data management.

Download our findings to learn:

  • The key considerations that will make a utility model work
  • What’s different now that is driving traction for shared services
  • What the business drivers are (and aren’t) – one of which is quite surprising
  • Which data management business areas and functions are most likely to benefit from shared services (and which aren’t)
  • The obstacles that still need to be addressed to make it work
  • The lessons learned so far

We discuss all these topics in our latest white paper Practical Considerations for Shifting to a Shared Services Model for Reference Data Management, sponsored by iGate, which is delivering a real-world shared services facility in the form of its Data Management Services initiative. Download your free copy now.