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Optimising Value from High Performance Connectivity

High frequency trading (HFT) is now a term recognised by the mainstream. This wide familiarity has coincided with maturity of HFT practices, the explosion in their use, and a flattening out of the potential returns as competition increases.

Early adopters of HFT were able to leverage high-performance technologies to generate vast returns. Today, the environment is tougher, and technology investments are coming under more scrutiny than before, even in the high-performance trading space. Low-latency infrastructure architects are now taking a more strategic approach to connectivity, in order to yield higher performance, both in terms of trading profits and broader functionality benefits.

By designing their high-performance connectivity platforms to accommodate the ongoing need for speed as well as a wider but related set of functional requirements – such as policy administration, virtualisation and embedded business logic – trading platform technologists are able to realise bigger gains from their investments – and for far longer.

This industry briefing examines current market practices with respect to high frequency trading and low-latency trading infrastructures, and examines how emerging technologies are presenting practitioners with new opportunities to gain value from their investments.