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Modernizing Data and Technology for Institutional Client Services

Institutional client services providers are being expected to recalibrate their operations as their clients’ business models evolve.

Higher costs, new geopolitical risks and a move towards more complex automated services has prompted their customers to seize technological opportunities that enable them to take greater control of their assets and operations.

They want more agile service providers that can help them make decisions more holistically. They are looking to marketplace models where they can shop for the best services or even assume some of the roles traditionally carried out by their services providers.

That has put the servicers in a dilemma. Digitisation is enabling the sector to add greater value to their client offerings but many are coming up against technological brick walls. Often, they are trying to do this on technology stacks that aren’t up to the job.

Moving into the cloud is the logical solution to this and many other challenges. In this paper, we will explain how cloud-based products like those offered by Snowflake and its partners, including AWS, will be crucial to helping client services providers thrive in a changed marketplace.

The paper will:

  • Highlight how the market has changed for client services providers
  • Examine the legacy infrastructure that is stifling innovation
  • Detail the benefits of harnessing the opportunities of the cloud
  • Illustrate what success would look like after cloud migration
  • Show how Snowflake and AWS are already making that happen