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Mitigating Compliance Risk by Matching Application Usage to Data Licensing Obligations

As financial institutions consume more market data from more sources than ever before, the task of administering external data services is growing both in complexity and scale. At the same time, data services are increasingly consumed by applications rather than humans, and these applications often consume more data than humans and produce derived data.

As a result, the task of identifying applications and the particular financial information they consume has become complex. In turn, the complexity of supplier licensing agreements and invoices has escalated as firms add data sources, and data cascades from application to application.

Keeping track of which applications are consuming what data, and ensuring this checks out with licensing agreements is a challenging, non-trivial and time consuming task – but there are solutions.

Download this white paper to find out about:

  • Challenges of identifying applications and the financial data they consume
  • Increasing complexity of market data licenses and associated invoices
  • Approaches to gaining a better understanding of data licenses and data consumption
  • The fundamental requirement to put in place a regular certification process
  • How to mitigate compliance risk by matching application data usage to data licensing