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Mission Possible: Turning Data Deluge into Opportunities for Financial Trading

In the financial trading markets, the race to zero is on, with participants including competing marketplaces, algorithmic trading operations, high frequency trading firms, market data aggregators and execution network providers all playing their role in pushing down transaction times from hundreds of milliseconds to tens of microseconds.

Linking all of these players together is data itself, binary digits that have real meaning – and often great value – to those that can capture it, understand it, and leverage it. But as the race heats up, market data rates and volumes are exploding, presenting an extreme challenge to all those needing to manage the deluge, and stay ahead in the race.

However, recent innovation in the area of high capacity DRAM storage, coupled with high performance servers and InfiniBand networking, has resulted in a robust architecture that is also straightforward to implement and manage. The High Performance Database Solution from Dell and Kove is a real-life implementation of this architecture, and is described in detail in this industry briefing.