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Market and Reference Data Converge: A United Front for Data Management

A new industry briefing paper prepared by A-Team Group for GoldenSource looks at the inevitable convergence of market and reference data.

There has been, to date, a real disconnect between the management of market data in all its forms and reference data used in post-trade support functions. But this is changing as banks scramble to get their houses in order. And it has to. Without a holistic approach to data management across the enterprise, financial institutions will continue to struggle to obtain an accurate picture of their investments and their true risk position, or to fulfill the associated requirements of regulatory compliance, client reporting, and other applications reliant upon accurate data from across the enterprise. Without a consolidated view of their data, the businesses are unable to expand product lines or adapt existing products quickly enough for client demand.

Why has integrated data management not been more widely employed before now? What are the benefits of such a coordinated approach to data management? And how are solutions adapting to meet this new demand for integrated data management?