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Interoperability and AI in Trading Workflows

Emerging capabilities in AI and interoperability are transforming trading workflows, with the promise of heightened levels of collaboration and personalisation resulting in greater efficiency and performance. The potential of these new technologies is encouraging financial firms to modernise their trader desktops and streamline operational processes.

With AI and generative AI (GenAI) in particular still nascent in their application to financial markets, traders are justifiably skittish around their role in decision making or trade execution. But by adopting interoperability as a mantra and deploying AI to smooth information flows, trading teams are ushering in a new era of openness and personalisation, resulting in compelling outcomes.

This white paper

  • Explains how interoperability is impacting trader workflows
  • Offers examples and guidance on where AI can be deployed to create more value from trader desktops and systems
  • Describes how simplified workflows can significantly enhance productivity, as gauged by metrics such as time savings and the reduction in errors.