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Informatica, HP and Mellanox Benchmark Report

This white paper was written by Informatica, HP, and Mellanox Technologies.

The securities trading market is experiencing rapid growth in volume and complexity with a greater reliance on trading software, which is supported by sophisticated algorithms. As this market grows, so do the trading volumes, bringing existing IT infrastructure systems to their limits.

Trading technology solutions must not only deliver low-latency despite high volumes, but also sustain performance through market data traffic spikes while minimizing latency jitter and unpredictable messaging outliers.

To address this challenge, three market leaders have come together to provide a ?eld-proven infrastructure solution that combines best of breed enterprise messaging middleware, trading transport and server/network infrastructure. The solution slashes end-to-end trading latency by analyzing each layer of the infrastructure–server, storage, server stack and middleware, as well as switching and bridging devices–and optimizing each part for minimum latency and maximum throughput, while keeping an eye on overall cost.

This report aims to assist end-user architecture decisions by quantifying the bene?ts of this integrated solution in delivering application-to-application messaging–over both InfiniBand and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks.