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How Banks and New Venues Can Create a Future-Proofed Data Business

A 7-Step Process for Banks and New Venues to Create a Future-Proofed Data Business

If you are a bank or a new trading venue, you may be aware that there is significant value in the market data that is generated by your business activities.

But you may not know how best to monetise that data effectively, which could mean that you are missing out on the opportunity to generate revenues that could improve your bottom line. Data is a lucrative business, as market data vendors, exchanges and interdealer brokers have proven.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to monetise your data

It might seem easy to come up with a pricing model, start sharing your data with the world, and then sit back and watch the revenues roll in. But through decades of experience, we’ve learned that there are many nuances and pitfalls that can cost your business, not only in terms of missed revenue opportunities but also through lost clients (both for the data but potentially also for order flow to your core business), if you deliver a poor data experience.

If you’re considering building a data business at your bank or new venue, download this white paper to learn:

  • The 7-step process for creating your future proofed data business
  • Why banks have missed out on the data monetisation opportunity and why the tide is now turning
  • Why new venues – like multi-lateral trading facilities (MTFs), organised trading facilities (OTFs) and systematic internalisers, as well as innovative new trading capabilities offered by traditional exchanges (such as periodic auctions) and cryptocurrency markets should build their own data businesses
  • The pitfalls to avoid
  • The essential factors to build into your contracts and data products