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The knowledge platform for the financial technology industry

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High-Performance Trading Infrastructure on Demand

Financial markets firms can no longer spend what it takes to compete in the “low latency arms race.” The new reality demands high performance to be competitive with peers, but with an emphasis on upfront deployment and ongoing operational costs.

High performance is measured not simply in trading execution speed and round-trip latency figures. Those metrics remain a factor, but in a world where performance is measured not in absolute terms but against trading peers, the ability to enter new markets cost effectively and react to business changes – agility and flexibility – are just as important.

In comparison to legacy infrastructure and enterprise software deployments, cloud offerings provide a next generation alternative to delivering of performance, agility and cost effectiveness.  Cloud delivery is already proven – and commonplace – for many financial markets applications, from front office pre-trade and execution management, to middle office compliance and risk management, to back office settlement and clearing automation.

New approaches combine the latest cloud platforms with proximity hosting to deliver on promises for high performance, latency, agility and cost of operations that meet the rigorous requirements of automated trading of complex strategies.