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High Performance Trading – FIX Messaging Testing

This white paper was written by OnX Enterprise Solutions, and others.

It reports on the activity of a consortium of leading IT vendors that have joined forces to create demonstrable high performance solution stacks to address common business requirements in financial trading. The initial focus of the consortium is on a reference-able technology stack of products and services to support FIX protocol communication functions.

The paper describes the test environment, documents a set of benchmark tests performed on both commercial and open source FIX engine offerings, and details and interprets the representative latency and throughput figures achieved.

OnX Enterprise Solutions Ltd is leading the consortium whose charter members include Intel, Dell, Arista Networks and Solarflare Communications, with additional services provided by Edge Technology Group, GreySpark Partners and Equinix.  FIX engines tested included commercial offerings from EPAM Systems’ B2BITS unit and Rapid Addition, with comparisons made to the open source QuickFIX distribution.