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High Frequency Trading Beats the Heat with Total Liquid Submersion Cooling

This white paper was written by Hardcore Computer.

A millisecond delay can mean the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars for algorithmic traders engaged in high frequency trading (HFT) in today’s financial markets. To gain that valuable competitive edge, financial institutions require high-performance computing solutions that are fast, reliable and offer low latency.

But performance demands are pushing the physical boundaries of conventional computing equipment – from the desktop and workstation to the server. While today’s processors are faster and better, they still are negatively impacted by the heat generated when overclocked, and how to cool equipment is still a fundamental challenge.

Read how Hardcore Computer and its patented total liquid submersion cooling technology is facing the challenge head on. As the first company to use this unique cooling method, Hardcore Computer is helping the financial services industry achieve significant improvements in computing speed, performance, reliability and latency minimization, while reducing cooling and power costs and lessening environmental impact.