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Countdown To MiFID II: Best Execution, Brexit and Trading Infrastructure Best Practices

The events of 2016 have muddied the waters for financial institutions operating in Europe that need to figure out how planning for possible outcomes of Brexit will in turn affect compliance with European MiFID II regulation taking effect in January 2018. While it is widely recognised that firms will have to make major changes to how they operate, ongoing changes to the European execution venue landscape will complicate MiFID II compliance.

This White Paper, sponsored by Interxion, surveys the current state of play, particularly for UK-based institutions, and also offers a thoughtful approach to using connectivity, hosting and cloud-based services to optimise an approach to MiFID II compliance amid the uncertainty of Brexit and the Trump presidency.

Read the White Paper to find out about:

  • What the intent of MiFID II means for market practitioners
  • How Brexit has muddied the waters for 2019, possibly driving euro clearing to New York
  • The changing execution venue landscape
  • MiFID II’s impact on best execution
  • Passport or equivalence regulation stemming from Brexit
  • Consideration of execution gateway locations