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Recorded Webinar: Unlock the Future of European Equities & Trading Technology: 2024 and Beyond!

8 November 2023

In a world where the financial landscape is perpetually evolving, 2023 has brought widespread discussions around liquidity, regulatory shifts in the EU and UK, and advancements like the consolidated tape in Europe. For the year ahead in 2024, the European market is poised for transformative changes that will influence the future of trading technology and equity markets.

Join us as we dive into the future of European trading with our expert-led webinar, designed to navigate you through imminent market shifts and trends:

  • Deep Dive into Liquidity: Understand the nuances and shifts in European liquidity and its potential impact on trading
  • Regulatory Changes: Navigate through the regulatory changes in the EU and UK
  • Consolidated Tape Progression: Gain insights into the progression with a consolidated tape and its implications on the market
  • Drivers for Change: Explore the various drivers for change that are set to redefine the European market landscape


Ian McIntyre Managing Director
Elliot Banks Chief Product Officer
BMLL Technologies
Mark Schaedel CEO
Data BP
Matt Cousens Head of EMEA Equities
Moderator: Andrew Delaney President and Chief Content Officer
A-Team Group

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