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Recorded Webinar: Transforming Data Experiences in Quantitative Research and Trading

14 March 2023

For quantitative researchers and quant trading teams at banking and capital markets firms, the ability to access, integrate, and share data is critical. Data and how teams collaborate with data underpins the ability to generate alpha, perform execution analyses, and provide a modern and differentiated client experience. However, for most banks, legacy technology stacks and data silos create a fragmented data collaboration experience involving different file formats, legacy delivery channels, and significant ETL and data copying.

This webinar will explore how banks are transforming their research and trading workflows by modernising their data collaboration capabilities. Learn how industry-leaders are approaching their data architectures and leveraging native application frameworks to access more data, power quantitative models and trade analyses, and enhance the overall experience of their end customers.

Listen to the webinar to find out more about:

  • Why firms need to improve data access, integration and collaboration
  • Challenges presented by today’s legacy technologies and data silos
  • Innovative approaches to modernising data collaboration
  • Potential of native application frameworks to power quant models
  • Benefits of transforming the data experience for quant research and trading


Gurraj Singh Sangha Chief Investment Officer / Chief Strategy Officer
G-20 Strategies AG
Anand Pandya Global Head of Financial Services
James McGeehan Head of Industry Banking and Capital Markets
Richard Goldman Global Head of Strategy & Execution, Quantitative Analytics and Data Science
Refinitiv, an LSEG business
Moderator: Sarah Underwood Editor
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Gurraj Singh Sangha

Chief Investment Officer / Chief Strategy Officer

G-20 Strategies AG

Gurraj is currently the Chief Investment Officer / Chief Strategy Officer at G-20, a crypto-currency and FX trading investment firm based in Zurich. Prior to that role, he served as Chief Quantitative Investment Officer at Token Metrics where he led a team of quantitative analysts and data scientists in developing alpha-generating strategies in the crypto arena across a wide variety of digital assets. Previously, he served as Head of Data Science, Risk, and Market Intelligence at State Street (Verus team). He is an accomplished global macro PM, strategist, and risk manager with over 25 years’ experience. He has led several investment strategy and risk management teams and held several senior positions, including Chief Investment Strategist at a $6 billion global macro volatility hedge fund, and Senior Global Macro Trader at a $400 million hedge fund. He began his career at Goldman, Sachs & Co., in the Global Investment Research Division. He received honors at the International Mathematics Olympiad, served on the Canadian Mathematics Olympic Team, and is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brown University.

Anand Pandya

Global Head of Financial Services


Anand serves as the Global Head of Financial Services at Hakkoda, and, as such, he is the primary leader in the industry sector to design, build, and manage modern data platforms for financial institutions. With 20+ years of experience leading global teams across technology firms, Anand’s experience has nurtured him into a transformational leader with foresight and creativity. Prior to Hakkoda, Anand served as Chief Data Officer at Curinos and other executive roles within Informa Financial Intelligence. Additionally, Anand served as a data, analytics, and business intelligence consultant to Fortune 1000 companies across the United States. As a career long data advocate and evangelist, Anand has been responsible for transforming data management, governance, and analytics practices, developing new FinTech products and services, and rooting himself in the belief that innovative thought strikes best over a piping hot cup of coffee.

Richard Goldman

Global Head of Strategy & Execution, Quantitative Analytics and Data Science

Refinitiv, an LSEG business

Richard is the Global Head of Sales Strategy and Execution for the London Stock Exchange Group’s Quantitative Analytics and Data Science businesses. His primary goal is to ensure LSEG’s clients’ needs are met for financial structured, and unstructured, data and analytics. Richard’s domain expertise in quantitative analytics and systematic investing was attained over a 25-year career as a Portfolio Manager and COO overseeing multibillion-dollar funds.

His career highlights include:

  • Launching and managing a $300 million hedge fund seeding business at Tykhe Capital
  • Chief Operating Officer at Castlerock Management
  • Head of Common Equities and Senior Portfolio Manager at Guardian Life Insurance
  • Senior Portfolio Manager at Citigroup Asset Management
  • Head of Investor Relations at Citigroup

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