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Recorded Webinar: The missing piece of the data governance puzzle

6 December 2016

Effective data governance delivers data quality and controls across the enterprise, and ensures financial institutions can meet regulators’ demands for transparency and full audit trails.

But current approaches to data governance that rely on software and policies are ineffective without the right metadata flowing through them.

Listen to us on this webinar where we will discuss:

  • The benefits effective data governance can bring to the financial enterprise
  • Why software and policies alone are ineffective
  • What metadata is; how to source it and why it is essential to your data governance plans
  • How to deliver a full audit trail of data and demonstrate control for regulators
  • Best practices for achieving measurable results in data governance


Garry Manser Head of Data Governance
Vanquis Bank
Dhivya Venkatachalam Head of Data Governance Practice
Matthew Rawlings Head of Middle Office and Operations
Bloomberg L.P.
Moderator: Sarah Underwood Editor
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Garry Manser

Head of Data Governance

Vanquis Bank

Garry Manser has worked in financial services for too many years to mention in a number of different roles. He has been involved with data since 1998 and was introduced to the worlds of governance and quality in 2005. During his career he has worked both in industry and consultancy, across both banking and insurance, with a brief spell in a mine in Seville! Achievements include introducing supporting a number of successful governance frameworks across organisations both at a local level and on a global scale as well as a number of quality initiatives, from the initial monitoring, through root cause analysis and onto remediation, with one role involving introducing circa 200 front end controls to improve data quality at capture. He is currently leading a data governance strategy across a major financial organisation, in support of various regulatory requirements and a driven business wide desire to succeed.

Dhivya Venkatachalam

Head of Data Governance Practice

Dhivya is passionate about holistic data capability in the enterprise and has managed all facets of data in the enterprise- data management, governance, architecture and the data in projects. Dhivya as part of the holistic data strategy has set up data governance & stewardship – Established Business and IT data ownership, Moderated the data steering group and data stewards, acted as custodian of the data and information ecosystem.

Matthew Rawlings

Head of Middle Office and Operations

Bloomberg L.P.

Matthew has led the Middle Office and Operations businesses within Bloomberg, since June 2014. As Head of Data license he has re-focused on delivering financial data and services direct to machines; to support enterprises, big data, and data scientists. Matthew’s background is as a CTO in investment banking and fund management.

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