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Recorded Webinar: The evolution of enterprise data management for ESG – managing non-standard and unstructured data

18 July 2023

The challenges of sourcing ESG data to meet investment and regulatory requirements are well rehearsed. Managing the data to accelerate sustainability performance is another step forward, with the need to evolve enterprise data management and integrate unstructured and non-standard ESG data. A successful solution typically includes a single, trusted data master based on many sources, and able to support ESG reporting and opportunity identification. Automation is key.

This webinar will review progress in enterprise data management for ESG, consider the challenges that must be resolved, and discuss the options of building or buying solutions. It will also dive into the detail of managing unstructured and non-standard data, look at methodologies for ESG scores and ratings, and touch on emerging AI technologies that could ease the burden of ESG data management.

Listen to the webinar to find out more about:

  • Progress on enterprise data management for ESG
  • Challenges of managing unstructured and non-standard data
  • Best practice approaches to data architecture and automation
  • Options on building, buying or using hybrid solutions
  • How to incorporate emerging AI technologies
  • Benefits of getting it right, penalties of getting it wrong


Rathi Ravi ESG Data Specialist
Kaushik GD Head of ESG Data Architecture and Solutions
Elisabeth Seep Head of Sustainable Investing Products
Moderator: Andrew Delaney President and Chief Content Officer
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Rathi Ravi

ESG Data Specialist


Rathi Ravi is an ESG Data Specialist at Vanguard Inc. Rathi is implementing the global ESG data strategy across the enterprise, engaging with various business stakeholders across the organization and the durable product team to support the delivery of ESG data solutions to meet business and regulatory needs.

Kaushik GD

Head of ESG Data Architecture and Solutions


Kaushik GD is the Head of ESG Data Architecture & Solutions for NatWest and is responsible for the overall data & solution architecture for every enterprise ESG use case across NatWest. He has over 16 years of experience in the financial industry working across banking, asset management and private equity.In his current role, he has earned recognition in the ESG data industry by influencing cloud-based data distribution instead of traditional file-based methods; this, along with other strategic decisions on architecture, tooling selection and data op model has facilitated the NatWest ESG team to complete ESG data platform migration on Snowflake nearly 1 year before the expected date and has reduced the carbon footprint by c.80%. This has helped the bank fast track its ESG journey by enabling all franchises through advanced modelling and data services to drive innovative solutions such as the Carbon Planner and Sustainable Food Trust.Outside of work, he is a passionate marine conservationist and a climate change remediation advocate. Being a long-term member of Extinction Rebellion, Green Peace and PADI aware, he spends his spare time diving in various parts of the world, where he has earned two speciality certificates on Shark Awareness Diver & Diving against Debris.Kaushik holds a Master’s in Business Administration from IE Business School in Spain, along with several professional courses and degrees from University of Edinburgh, Cambridge university and UC Berkeley on Climate and mathematical modelling.

Elisabeth Seep

Head of Sustainable Investing Products


Elisabeth Seep leads the ESG product strategy at RIMES Technologies. As a pioneer and advocate for ESG data over the last twenty years, she was most recently a Director in the MSCI ESG product team, specializing in fixed-income. While at MSCI, she tackled the data challenges related to ESG integration into fixed-income asset classes and developed new, innovative ESG and climate products for the investment management industry. Previously, she developed the sustainable finance franchise at BNP Paribas North America, trained credit teams on how to integrate ESG data into their risk analysis, and started her career learning about corporate governance at Moody’s.

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