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Recorded Webinar: Practical Applications of the Global LEI – Client On-Boarding and Beyond

23 April 2013

This webinar has passed, but you can view the recording here.

With the March ‘launch’ of the global legal entity identifier (LEI), the marketplace now officially has a standard it can use for managing entity data. Post-Credit Crunch, the lack of such a standard has forced firms to embark on their own initiatives to create or clean up their entity data, particularly as it pertains to customers, issuers and transactions.

Will the emergent LEI standard prove to be the catalyst for an industry shift toward a more entity-centric view of the business? What are the key applications of the global LEI? Can it help firms reduce the cost of client on-boarding, streamline their Know Your Client (KYC) checks and processes, and address onerous new regulations like FATCA?

This webinar looks at the potential practical applications of the new LEI, and explores whether – and when – practitioners will be able to base their entity data strategies on the new standard.

Join our panel of experts as we debate this continuing hot topic.

Webinar Date: April 23, 2013


Moderator: Andrew Delaney, Editor-in-Chief, A-Team Group

Peter Warms, Head of Product Development for Global Data and Symbology, Bloomberg

Tim Lind, Global Head of Legal Entity and Corporate Actions, Enterprise Content, Thomson Reuters

Scott Preiss, Vice President, CUSIP Global Services


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