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Recorded Webinar: Leveraging innovation in data management

28 March 2019

Financial Institutions are going through considerable change as they look to deploy innovative technologies and solutions that could radically change data management processes and deliver operational and business benefits.

This webinar will review innovation in data management – including technologies such as machine learning, pattern matching, artificial intelligence and solutions such as utilities and managed cloud services – and discuss use cases and adoption.

It will also consider the problems of implementing and integrating innovation, such as managing privacy and ethics, and look at how to ensure you have the right talent and resources to not only leverage new data management technologies, but also innovative data sources that require data management.

Listen to the webinar to find out more about:

  • The need for innovation in data management
  • How it could change processes and resources
  • How to build a business case for innovation
  • The challenges of implementation and integration
  • Potential benefits of successful deployment and opportunities for data monetisation


William M. Cohee Vice President, Data Management, Chief Data Office
Yinghua Michelle Zhou Chief Data Officer
Linda Coffman EVP Reference Data Utility
SmartStream Technologies, Inc
Moderator: Sarah Underwood Editor
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

William M. Cohee

Vice President, Data Management, Chief Data Office


William M. Cohee is a Vice President in the Chief Data Office of HSBC. William has over fifteen years of management experience implementing and supporting systems in the Fixed Income and Reference Data domains. In his current capacity as Data Quality Manager, he is responsible for measuring and improving the information assets used to inform business decisions and achieve regulatory compliance in the Investment Banking division of HSBC.

Linda Coffman

EVP Reference Data Utility

SmartStream Technologies, Inc

Linda Coffman is Executive Vice President, responsible for overseeing The SmartStream Reference Data Utility. She joined the reference data product management team in 2015 and was responsible for key initiatives across the listed derivative and regulatory services. With over 25 years of experience in the reference data industry, Linda has been a member of the reference data team at Morgan Stanley where she was instrumental in the creation of a fixed income security master and the onboarding of vendor data. Earlier in her career, she worked for an industry joint venture, responsible for managing a data operations and development team covering fixed income and securitised products.

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