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Recorded Webinar: How to Create an Agile Trading System

11 September 2015

High speed, low latency trading connectivity is no longer enough to differentiate you from your competitors – so how do you add value to your trading systems?

How can you create a trading platform that is:

  • Flexible enough to accommodate the transaction lifecycle?
  • Powerful enough to deliver the analytics for better informed trading decisions?
  • Fast enough to meet both customer and regulator expectations of trade visibility close to real time?

In this webinar A-Team Group’s chief content officer Andrew Delaney discusses the following with a panel of industry experts:

  • The challenges of achieving business performance while dealing with endless regulatory demands (like MiFID II or the Market Access Rule), tightening rules by execution venues, and operational cost pressures
  • How to add market intelligence to your trading platform, such as better price discovery, faster analytics, robust risk controls and credit checks
  • Whether a platform with a library of trading apps – from pricing a new instrument, to modifying the quote logic for market making, to realising a new trading strategy – could give you the flexibility and control to meet these challenges and build an agile trading system


Wolfgang Eholzer Head of Department, Trading IT
Eurex Frankfurt AG
Jonas Hansbo CEO
Moderator: Andrew Delaney President and Chief Content Officer
A-Team Group

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