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Recorded Webinar: High-performance, real-time multi-stream data processing for trading analytics and risk management

7 December 2022

Financial analytics platforms in Hedge Funds are often segmented between real-time and back-office analytics systems fed by slower batch processes. To support winning analytics, hedge funds and other trading firms need to bring together real-time streams with historical analytic data in a single high-performance data store to refresh reports and risk models in near-real-time.

Listen to the webinar to find out more about:

  • How to integrate multiple real-time data streams with historical data sets.
  • How to manage both in-cloud and on-prem data to optimize performance.
  • How to cope with data volume spikes and unstructured data sets.
  • How to implement in a scalable, manageable way without the need for expensive specialist IT staff.


Joe Peters Head of Data Services
Bridgewater Associates
Eric Karpman SME in Trading Technology & Electronic Trading
Ray Canuel Principal Systems Engineer
Yellowbrick Data
Hugh Davidson Head of Data Management
Man Group
Moderator: Andrew Delaney President and Chief Content Officer
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Joe Peters

Head of Data Services

Bridgewater Associates

Joe Peters joined Bridgewater in 2011 and is currently responsible for technology and services used in integrating all external data used by Bridgewater within our Investment Engine. Joe has responsibility for building and maintaining both our legacy systems and next-generation Data Platform which delivers data to key stakeholders and investment processes. He also runs data engineering and operations services used to onboard and validate new data that is used by Bridgewater. These responsibilities span teams across the multiple continents globally.

Before joining Bridgewater Joe worked for multiple public sector agencies in Washington DC, focused on roles at the intersection of data and technology. He holds an undergraduate degree in Information Systems Management form the University of Texas, and a Master’s degree from Georgetown University in Public Policy.

Eric Karpman

SME in Trading Technology & Electronic Trading

Eric Karpman is currently specializing in the areas of electronic and algorithmic trading strategy, analytics and technology for large global investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and exchanges in finding, developing and implementing strategies to maximize return. Karpman has close to 30 years of financial technology experience.

Ray Canuel

Principal Systems Engineer

Yellowbrick Data

Ray Canuel works directly with customers migrating legacy databases to transformational architectures. He has done this for 33 years. A recent customer example is an 8 Trillion record database; with real time feeds doubling year over year, and replication across central & east regions for disaster recovery.

Hugh Davidson

Head of Data Management

Man Group

Hugh Davidson is Head of Data Management at Man Group, based in London. He is responsible for the Business Intelligence Development team, improving trade flow data quality and monitoring and optimising Market Data usage.

Hugh joined Man Group in 2017 and held the role of data architect before taking up his current role in 2018. Prior to Man Group, Hugh held positions at Insight Investment, Barclays Capital and LIFFE.

Hugh holds a BSc in Information Technology, Business Management & Language from York University.

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