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Recorded Webinar: Data management approaches for the buy-side

22 June 2017

Buy-side firms are grasping the nettle of data management with a view to driving business transformation programmes, dealing with data fragmentation and quality issues, streamlining operations and achieving effective cost management. The webinar will discuss how the buy-side is embedding data management, the challenges it faces and lessons it is learning from the sell-side.

Listen to the webinar to find out about:

  • Buy-side approaches to data management
  • Extent of implementation and integration
  • Adoption of data standards
  • Lessons being learnt from the sell-side
  • Benefits of successful data management



Marla Dans Head of Data Management and Governance
Chicago Trading Company
Naomi Clarke Data Innovation & Strategy, CDO Advisory
Claire Frankel Former Executive Director
JPMorgan Chase
John Randles CEO
Bloomberg PolarLake
Moderator: Sarah Underwood Editor
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Marla Dans

Head of Data Management and Governance

Chicago Trading Company

Marla A. Dans is a Director with Alvarez & Marsal Corporate Performance Improvement in NY.  She specializes in Enterprise Data Management, Corporate IT systems management, and Financial Services merger integrations.  Prior to A&M, she spent two years as Executive Director at JP Morgan and 19 years at Morgan Stanley.

Naomi Clarke

Data Innovation & Strategy, CDO Advisory

Naomi Clarke has over 30 years of involvement with data within financial services, complemented by process redesign and operational risk experience. She has worked for and advised well-known names across the sector including asset management, investment banks, pension funds, custody and within the energy and telecommunications industry.

Claire Frankel

Former Executive Director

JPMorgan Chase

Claire Frankel has degrees in Physics and has been a hands-on Data Architect/ Data Modeler since 1985. She manages Data Modeling/ Data Governance organizations for Financial Services firms, particularly Investment Banking and Private Wealth Management. Major databases delivered include clearance and settlement systems for NSCC (DTCC), the Client Profile database designfor Goldman Sachs, a standardized internal messaging structure also for Goldman Sachs, and the re-designed Instrument Master for Morgan Stanley. The definition, characterization and standardization of Financial Industry Reference Data is a sweet spot. She most recently managed Operational Risk and Compliance Data Modeling for JPMorgan Chase.

John Randles


Bloomberg PolarLake

John Randles has led Bloomberg PolarLake since it was formed in 2012 as a result of the Bloomberg acquisition of PolarLake Ltd. John joined PolarLake as Chief Executive Officer in 2006 and drove the company’s move from being an integration technology supplier in many industries to focus 100% on the Capital Markets industry and particularly the Data Management challenges of that industry. Over six years, PolarLake established itself as the most innovative vendor in the sector leading to the acquisition in 2012.

Prior to joining PolarLake in 2006 as Chief Executive Officer, John was CTO of Banking at Siebel Systems for a number of years having joined Siebel through their 2004 acquisition of Eontec, an Irish based Retail Banking Software vendor of which John was CTO. John originally joined Eontec as a Software Engineer and worked in a variety of roles across R&D Management, Product Management, Pre-Sales and Sales & Marketing over a number of years.

John led and managed the transformation of PolarLake from a pure Software vendor to a Data Management Service provider as Bloomberg PolarLake has re-structured the company’s offerings with the backing of Bloomberg.

John Randles is a graduate of Computer Engineering from the University of Limerick, Ireland.

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