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Recorded Webinar: Approaches to ESG data for analytics

29 September 2022

Volumes of ESG data are huge and continue to grow, questioning how financial institutions with a focus on ESG investing can continuously capture and contain required data sets, master and integrate the data, and ensure data quality for meaningful analytics.

This webinar will consider approaches to ESG data and data management for analytics, the challenges and solutions of getting ESG data right, and the benefits of efficient and effective analytics. It will also review technologies that can support ESG data discovery, access, tracking, and transparency, and the use of ESG data metrics to prepare data for analytics.

Listen to the webinar to find out about:

  • Challenges of multi-source, high-volume ESG data
  • Approaches to capturing and containing required data sets
  • How to master, integrate and track ESG data
  • How to achieve data quality required for analytics
  • Useful technologies, tools, services and solutions


Roshini Johri Head of ESG Analytics
Nirav Shah Senior Executive Director, Quant & ESG Technology
J.P Morgan Asset Management
Boyke Baboelal Strategic Solutions Director Americas
Moderator: Sarah Underwood Editor
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Boyke Baboelal

Strategic Solutions Director Americas


Boyke Baboelal is Strategic Solutions Director Americas, and ensures Alveo maintains its position at the industry’s forefront. With 20 years of risk and data management experience and a financial engineering background, Boyke understands the importance and value of good data. Boyke holds a master’s degree in Econometrics, a postgraduate degree in IT and an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.

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