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Recorded Webinar: Adopting Entity Data Hierarchies to Address Holistic Risk Management

4 June 2020

Firms across the board are struggling to gain a comprehensive view of their counterparty risk. In the wake of the Credit Crisis, regulators have increased their focus on pushing firms to not only better understand risk exposure, but also be able to provide evidence of the analysis they use to create their view of risk.

Entity identification has emerged as a key requirement for firms seeking to understand the links between investment securities, issuers, counterparties and risk measures. But creating entity hierarchies – which are required to link legal entities, counterparties and issuers with securities, thereby establishing beneficial ownership – remains a challenge.

Despite great strides, such as the adoption of the global legal entity identifier (LEI), firms continue to be hamstrung by data issues in their attempts to address credit and counterparty risk. The complexity of operations and reliance on multiple data sources have proven to be key factors that add layers of difficulty.

This webinar will examine the challenges associated with mapping, managing and visualizing the data sets needed to create a holistic view of market, country and counterparty risk. The panellists will discuss what data and technology are needed to address legal entity hierarchies and country of risk, using a proactive and robust approach to data mapping. This will include examples from both the buy and sell sides. Finally, the speakers will provide guidance on how to approach a top-down strategy for entity data management.


Christina Schack Head Data Platform
Yinghua Michelle Zhou Chief Data Officer
Andrew Rogers Executive Director, EMEA Head of Business Development for Pricing & Reference Data
IHS Markit
Devendra Bhudia Executive Director, Head of Product, EDM
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Moderator: Andrew Delaney President and Chief Content Officer
A-Team Group

More about our speakers:

Christina Schack

Head Data Platform


Christina Schack is the Head of Data Platform at Bank Vontobel AG. In this role she defines the data strategy and data architecture for the bank. Her team implements and operates centralized and cloud-based data platforms and provides data analytics, management, and governance services. Christina has been in the financial service industry for more than 20 years. Before joining Vontobel, she worked for various asset management companies such as GAM, Bank Julius Bär and Reuters/Refinitiv where she was responsible for the data management, reporting and data initiatives. In addition to the operational aspects, she also takes care of proper change management as a key factor for business progress and growth.

Andrew Rogers

Executive Director, EMEA Head of Business Development for Pricing & Reference Data

IHS Markit

Andrew (Andy) Rogers is the EMEA head of business development for the Pricing & Reference Data business at IHS Markit.
He is responsible for product and commercial strategy for the award-winning IHS Markit Pricing and Reference Data business in Europe. In addition, Mr. Rogers has global responsibility for the alliance partner strategy across Pricing, Valuations and Reference Data vertical within the Financial Services business. His areas of expertise include debt and equity origination, credit derivatives, equity derivatives, stock loan/repo and change management. Mr. Rogers joined IHS Markit in 2013 to run the RED™ business and has expanded his role and developed an appetite for delivering market-leading solutions assisting market participants on topics, including independent pricing, risk management and regulatory solutions. Mr. Rogers frequently speaks at industry conferences and represents IHS Markit in multiple business forums and interacts with global regulators. Whilst at IHS Markit, he has been seconded by industry bodies and liaised with global regulators on the topic of data standards. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Mr. Rogers spent two decades at three of the world’s largest investment banks where he held multiple roles within the operations and business functions.

Devendra Bhudia

Executive Director, Head of Product, EDM

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Devendra Bhudia is executive director and global head of product management for Enterprise Data Management (EDM) at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Mr Bhudia is responsible for the strategic direction of the EDM platform and related solutions. He has over 20 years’ experience within the data management industry.

Prior to assuming his current role at IHS Markit, Mr. Bhudia held other product management roles, including responsibility for defining, building and implementing enterprise data management solutions for the financial services industry.

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