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Upcoming Webinar: Adding cloud to your high performance trading infrastructure

13 September 2022

Date: 13 September 2022
Time: 10:00am ET / 3:00pm London / 4:00pm CET
Duration: 50 minutes

Adding cloud to high performance trading infrastructure offers the benefits of scalability, faster development, and lower capex costs – but can it meet required speeds of data delivery, does it limit the extent of available data, and how can low-latency data be sourced in the cloud? Still more, is it feasible to run a complete low-latency trading system in the cloud?

This webinar will answer these questions and more, covering everything from the decision to add cloud to high performance trading infrastructure to the drivers of change, the challenges of implementation, and using cloud to source and deliver low-latency market data. It will also provide guidance on how, where and when to add cloud, and review the potential of cloud to provide competitive advantage in high performance trading.

Register for the webinar to find out about:

  • Why firms are adding cloud to high performance trading infrastructure
  • How they are designing and implementing the inclusion of cloud
  • Challenges and solutions of high-speed market data delivery in the cloud
  • Feasibility of running a complete high performance system in the cloud
  • Practical guidance on optimising cloud in high performance trading
  • Benefits of getting it right, penalties of getting it wrong


Henk D’Hoore, Senior Director, Feeds Product Management, ICE Data Services

Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor,
A-Team Group


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