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Talend MDM Stretches Beyond 100 Million Master Record Milestone on Commodity Server

Talend, a global open source software leader, today announced that Talend MDM Enterprise Edition, the leading open source Master Data Management (MDM) solution, can now scale to master more than 100 million records on a single $1200 server, providing the ability to accommodate virtually any volume of master data. Released in 2010, Talend MDM is the first comprehensive MDM solution that includes data integration, data quality, master data and data stewardship built on a single platform and available at a fraction of the cost of traditionally complex and dissociated solutions.

“Choosing an MDM solution is a daunting task for most organisations. Very few MDM offerings can meet the demands of a 100 million record environment with consistent, sub-second response times, and none can do it affordably, as they require clusters of expensive hardware and a license cost based on record counts and number of domains,” said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief operating officer, Talend. “Talend MDM continues to democratise the data management space with a flexible and affordable alternative to master any amount of data across multiple domains, on a single hub running on commodity hardware.”

Speed and Implementation
MDM has received growing attention recently as an essential component of information management alongside data governance and data quality. Many organisations are eager to adopt an enterprise-wide MDM solution, but have to wait a year or more before the implementation starts to provide value. MDM is so vital to operational efficiency and profitability, that the faster it is implemented and integrated with existing systems the better.

Talend MDM reduces the time and cost it takes to implement an MDM project. With one license, it provides complete MDM functions across profiling, integration, quality, modeling and workflow. This single MDM platform simplifies the implementation and greatly increases time-to-value and reduces the number of resources required to implement.

Scalability and Performance
In order to show that Talend MDM can easily scale to the highest range of data sources and records, the solution was benchmarked to obtain key performance numbers. Several tests were performed – all with positive results. Most notably, Talend MDM delivered sub-second response times across 100 million records for a single record access, free form search for any entity across the entire hub, insertion of a record and browsing of records.

One other key indicator of Talend MDM’s high performance and scalability was the calculation of load times. With Talend MDM, the load performs a full index search and ran from 2000 records per second for 5 million records to1600 records per second for 100 million records. This means that an average MDM hub can be loaded in just a few hours.

The benchmark was run on a standard “commodity” server, with an Intel Xeon X3430 2.40 Ghz quad core processor, 8 GB RAM and a 7200 rpm SATA HD. The list price for this configuration is approximately $1200.

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