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Rongo Partners with Talend to Meet Real-time Data Demands

Rongo, the Finnish consulting company focused on information management, has partnered with Talend, an open source data management specialist, furthering its commitment to delivering the highest quality and cost effective tools to its customers.

The company was established in 2006, and operates out of Espoo and Tampere. Rongo provides consulting and information management solutions, spanning data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, data quality and process management.

Jukka Lepola, consulting manager at Rongo commented: “At Rongo, we aim to understand specific customer needs and to find the most suitable tool to meet their requirements. Our partnership with Talend enables us to extend our portfolio of information management products, helping us to meet a variety of customer requirements and budgets.”

“The growth trending towards near real-time data warehousing are creating demand for higher performance and more complex analytics. However, IT budgets aren’t necessarily following the pace with this demand. This in turn forces companies to look for more cost-effective solutions. Not only are Talend’s products more cost effective than most products provided by the traditional vendors in the market, they also offer high-end features. Further still, being open source, we are now able to provider significantly shorter development cycles to our customers, as well as greater flexibility as the software is constantly evolving.”

“The partnership will benefit our customers hugely as with Talend offering a full range of data management tools, customers are no longer limited to buying separate products from different vendors which can be very difficult to manage and integrate.”

François Méro, VP of Global Sales, Talend commented: “The pace of the 21st century virtual internet-centric world has lead to an increased need for companies’ to be able to operate with real-time data. By extending its portfolio of information management products, Rongo has been able to significantly reduce the customer development cycles and integration processes. Together, the partnership affirms Talend’s ongoing commitment to driving open source data management technology.”

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