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QuantHouse and Enyx Offer FPGA Accelerated Market Data Service in the Hong Kong Exchange Data Centre

QuantHouse (QH) has added ultra-low latency FPGA-based market data specialist Enyx to its API ecosystem to offer trading firms an FPGA accelerated end-to-end market data service. The solution will initially be rolled out in the Hong Kong Exchange data centre (HKEX).

To reduce the cost of FPGA implementation and time to market, Enyx and QH are delivering a market data service based on an FPGA accelerated hardware solution and interfacing directly with existing trading applications via Enyx’s API or QH’s FeedOS API.

QH says the plug-and-play solution allows swift access to market data and provides the benefits of an FPGA-powered feed handler for strategies requiring ultra-low latency data in an easy to use, fully managed and cost-efficient offering.

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